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Gen 1 Raptor Long Travel Conversion

Full Rear long travel conversion using SVC bedrack and Fox 3.5 triple bypass shocks. Welded new shock mounts onto axle housing, removed old shock mounts from frame and repaired area, installed longer stainless steel brake lines. Made penetrations in bed for new shocks.

Gen 2 Raptor Custom Bed Rack

Custom made bed rack with provisions for jack to be carried on the side of the rack. Also has our CNC molle panels we can cut to fit any rack design. Rack is rear tire carry and was built to stow two 37" tires. This rack was built with customer participation regarding design and layout.

Gen 2 Raptor Control Arm Repair

Gen 2 Raptor: Both lower control arm pivot brackets were badly damaged. The popular "doubler plates" did nothing to prevent the brackets from bending upon impact. We repaired both brackets and welded our pivot bracket gusset kit in. This kit is on another level when it comes to reinforcing pivot brackets that are exposed by running most popular aftermarket bumpers. Also installed new lower and upper control arms, and new 3.0 Fox race series coilovers.

Gen 2 Raptor Custom 3pc Bed Rack

Custom made 3 piece bedrack, built to suit owners lifestyle. Front section is for longer trips only and has provisions for 2 additional fuel jugs and additional storage area. Both side sections feature rear of bed vertical tire storage, built to accommodate one 5 gallon fuel jug, two sets of Treds, two fire extinguishers, Pro Eagle Jack, Yeti cooler, Powertank, and a toolbox, all with dedicated mounts.

Gen 1 Raptor Steering Mod

Re-established lock to lock steering radius, determined lock to lock steering stop range at all positions of travel, removed Delrin spacers from steering rack, and welded steering stops on aftermarket lower control arms. Installed new steering rack and aftermarket upper control arms.

Gen 2 Raptor Custom Bed Rack

Custom made rack designed with customer input. Both side sections are rear of bed tire carry. Front section featured our in house CNC cut molle panels for storing small items like tow straps or shovel. The rack also has one of our custom made jack mounts.

Gen 1 Can-Am Maverick Bumper

Finding good aftermarket bumpers for the Gen 1 Can-Am Maverick can be difficult. This customer wanted a structurally sound front bumper and wanted something nobody else had. We Designed and built this bumper using 2" and 1 1/2 .120 wall tubing and then installed it.

Polaris RZR Roll Cage

This customer came to us with a CageWrx roll cage kit for a 2020 2 seater Polaris RZR. We installed the kit, welded up the roll cage, and installed an aluminum roof panel.

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