Support Truck Features

Ford F350 Chase Truck with upgraded Carli Suspension, Service body, Chase rack.

First aid supplies, Fire suppression equipment, Emergency, scene, and work lighting, 110 watt vhf ration with pit antenna, Satellite internet, Hand & power tools

Automotive wiring and misc connectors, SAE and metric hardware, Misc automotive hoses and supplies, Onboard air, Welding, heating, and cutting capability, Jig table with clamping and fixturing capability, 6" bench vise, Fluids, grease,and misc lubricants

Automotive diagnostic equipment, 4500 watt inverter, Lithium back up batteries, Charging equipment, Onboard Generator, 20k winch, Oversized fuel tank

Race & Tour Logistics

Fuel and pit strategy, pre running support, vehicle transport, communications, navigation, pit support, and vehicle recovery.

Coyote Offroad Adventures

We partner with Coyote Offroad to offer full service trip planning and accommodations, vehicle prep, navigation, communications, trip support, mechanical support, vehicle recovery, tour and mechanical support, vehicle transport, recovery.

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